Allow Me To Introduce



I’ve been married to my best friend for 43 years, I’m the proud mother of 2, and I’m thrilled to have 6 beautiful grandchildren who call me “Grammy”! I’m a native Oklahoman and I grew up in Bristow.  My father was an engineer and surveyor and through him I learned all about the town and county in which we live. 

I started my real estate career in 1995 as an associate, opened my own brokerage in 2000, joined Keller Williams in 2006, and opened my own Mega Office in 2008. My husband joined me in 2006 and with his expertise in construction and remodeling (over 30 years’ worth!), we make an awesome team! Joining Keller Williams put it all together.
My goal in starting this business was to put Bristow on the map. I wanted to open the market to larger buyers and realtors so I joined the MLS in 2002 and since then Bristow, and the surrounding area, have seen an increase in property sales and values.

We help Oklahoman’s buy and sell real estate all over Eastern Oklahoma by sharing our industry expertise, knowledge of the area, and proven track record of successful negotiations. We commit to provide exceptional, personalized service that builds long term trust and confidence with clients, peers and the community.

The Peck Realty Group Mission:

·         To get as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is SOLD!

·         To communicate the results of our activities to you.

·         To assist you in getting the highest possible dollar value for your property with the least amount of problems and in the shortest amount of time.


Our Values:

·         Integrity – to be fair, honest and trustworthy

·         Family – focused time with those we love

·         Client Satisfaction – always comes first in our business

·         Support – for each other and our clients

·         Commitment – in all aspects of life and business

·         Communication – timely, thorough and professional.

·         Fun- in all things – laugh!


Our Beliefs:

We will support each other and our clients by seeking to fully understand individual motivation and perspective.


Our Perspective

We enjoy giving where we live to better our community for our families and the future.